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Friday, November 14, 2008

CH 5: Future Missionaries - From Where?

...they have stayed on too long in the particular church they were planting
Missionaries, like anyone else, can get comfortable.
We still have a large number of Westerners wanting to go to countries where missionaries are not really needed
Manila - children sleeping in the streets; how to mobilise the church for reaching and caring for these children
You will have to be different than those who went twenty years ago
...there has been a misuse of human resources within missions and a low value placed on peoples time; some missionaries, in whom there has been a huge investment in training, and placing, are doing really trivial tasks.
Missions...exported with the gospel and alien culture...in bondage to that culture rather than to scripture.
...convinced that in certain countries some people are gathering up workers, who have no call from God, by paying them a small salary to do Christian work. They simply need a job, there is massive unemployment, and so they queue up to do Christian work.
We cared enough to surrender our comfort and way of life to share God's love with others.
The Great Commission not only calls us to send money, but ourselves

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