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Monday, November 17, 2008

CH 7: Acts 13 Breakthrough

God has rebuked me for my doubts
...God met me and began to pour thoughts into my mind as to how the goal could be achieved
There is a a very high return rate of Missionaries from the
field...and many more reasons.
Average term...ten years.
...traditional view of what missionaries do can distort our thinking about the numbers needed
Keep in mind that our first burden is not to concentrate on numbers, but to complete the task - to obey the Lord
...an unbalanced view of money is playing to big a role in the thinking of some Christian leaders and organizations
Every believer and church must be ready to give, passionately and cheerfully, a higher percentage of all money for world missions and especially for the cause of reaching the unreached.
-involvement on the field is crucial to a local church's vision of God's heart for the whole world
We need a greater renewal and reality in the churches - from a superficial walk with God to accepting the challenges that God puts before us today
Grace awakening - renewed emphasis on the 1Corinthians type of love
for one another
Greater discipline in prayer, studying the Word of God and giving
Be aware of allowing negative thinking to kill our creativity or vision. God is working in the midst of what looks to us like a mess. Often what we think is casualty, is not casualty to God.
God often achieves tremendous things through the most unlikely people.

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