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Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Beginnings - Pastor Phillips

The Making of Great Faith - Mathew 15

Little faith, weak faith, strong faith, dead faith, bold faith, common faith
Great faith – MEGA faith (Greek)
Mtt. 15:21, 22
Great faith - a matter of the heart

1. Great faith has the right object (focus)
The woman puts her faith in the right person
“I believe my God is able and He will see me through”
Wishful thinking is not faith nor is hoping it’s all going to work out in the end
Matthew 15:22 – “she came to Him” (Jesus)
God has to be the focus, not putting faith in the one praying for you. We can go to God for the answers

2. Great faith is repentant
Great faith is twofold – turning from sin to God
“Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me!” (“I am here, even though I don’t deserve anything”)
Great faith approaches God in brokenness

3. Great faith is reverent
Vs. 22 – Lord, (worship, reverence) Son of David (she recognized his lineage – exaltation)
Mark 7: - she fell at His feet
Matt 15:25
Matt. 6:9 – Lord’s Prayer

4. Great faith is relentless (“I am not going to let go until I have an answer!”)
Vs. 23 – it’s almost as if Jesus deliberately puts some barriers (obstacles) in her way
She never gives up; she never stops asking Jesus even when it seems He is not paying attention
We’ve had times where we’ve prayed and haven’t felt, seen anything
We’re wondering if God is even paying attention
A lot of times we give up – we take matters into our own hands
“I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel” - Your not Jewish so sorry, can’t do anything.
Silence, theological put off

Vs. 26 – Jesus is working on the woman’s heart. He has something He wants to accomplish in her heart. He wants to draw her to a place of deeper devotion and a greater depth (understanding) of who He is
He delays the answer so to draw us to a greater dependency upon Him.

Abraham waited 25 years for God’s promise
Romans 4:20
What in our eyes often looks like a delay is God working/strengthening and answering

Vs. 27
Believe and trust God in your situation (He is developing greater faith in you)

“Woman, you have great faith and your request is granted”

Boy with Epilepsy (demonic possession)
“If you can …all things are possible for those who believe"
"I do believe! Help my unbelief!”

Luke 18:1 – 8
Always pray and not give up

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