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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Outpour 2009 and Shaun Smith --- Notes

The greatest temptation is to hide who we are meant to be.
I cannot escape who I am meant to be
If you risk your reputation.......
1Sam 2:30 - God will honor those who honor Him
The things you put your hands to do; flourish
2Sam 23
I need to reinvent myself
Calling away from mediocrity
God has put greatness in me
God wants to grow you by putting you in high-risk situations
2Sam. 23:8 - 12 (verse 11 - victory)
Atmosphere of Risk
Faith in vs. Faith for
What you do when you are afraid determines your destiny
If you don't fight teh enemy, he tags along and tries to steal your life until you beat him down and refuse to back down and give up what he tries to steal
Dont limit your life to what you can figure out
The 'Miracle Zone' begins where the comfort zone ends
(Heb 11) Risk - willingness to loose life and agenda to gain His life and agenda

1.) Before you unleash exploits, you must unlearn fears
When you let in fear, it restricts you from seeing what God is doing
Fear will NEVER go away
DON'T let fear dictate your life
The greatest risk is not taking it
If you draw back when God is drawing you out, you will miss what God is drawing you to.

2.) Turn your adversity into ministry
Adversity DOES NOT have to define you
God wants us to take Him up on His promises

3.) Faith doesn't eliminate uncertainties, it embraces them
Faith - the most important musle

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