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Monday, August 15, 2016

HAOG Missions Trip 2016 ~ "Hope for the Crow Nation" VBS/Revival

Months before this trip, God implanted the desire in my heart to embark on a missions trip quite like the trips I had taken with Chi Alpha from the University of Montana. I prayed every night, for a solid week; but the enemy crept in, then, sorta forgot about it. March rolled around and the desire once again was stirred in me. Wednesday night before teaching Rainbows, my Sunday school, helper talked about a missions opportunity she was embarking on. I must have looked interested in it because the next thing I know she is asking ME if I wanted to go. Out of my mouth before I could think came a resounding, "YES!" Oh, but then I gave an excuse that I didn't have someone to help me with my evening and morning routine, not to mention a few extra's.  She said she would be willing to help wherever needed. (Prayer answered!)
  At church two days later, the missions opportunity was presented by a husband and wife from our congregation. An opportunity to minister on the Crow Native American reservation. The opportunity stirred something in me as I immediately began to recall a ministry opportunity on the reservation in Canada with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the university of Montana-Missoula campus. (What tribe, I am drawing a blank). I remember sharing my testimony and my college pastor's conversation with me afterward; how much their youth pastor was touched by my testimony and how he felt it was good for the youth to hear.
     This current missions trip was to the Crow agency, a Native American tribe in Hardin, Montana. The trip consisted of putting on a Vacation Bible School for the Crow children, preschool to sixth grade. Four days of singing, dancing, crafts, drama's, Bible stories, and prizes! Our last day would be filled with sight-seeing in the town of Hardin.
     Commence nine loooong months of waiting, praying, planning and fundraising (Indian taco's, YUM!).
           Are we there yet?!

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