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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

God Moment IV : Outpour 2009 and "God is Up to Something"

I logged into Facebook one afternoon to find an event invitation from a Chi Alpha friend. Outpour 2009 with Shaun Smith was happening March 1st on the UofM campus here in Missoula. I decided to go since I just happen to live two blocks away. Now that I use a powerchair, I can travel at night a bit easier. For the next couple of days until the conference, I spent less time at my computer, seeking what God would have for me this weekend.
I came expecting, and once again God delivered. The very first night He used a prophetic word not spoken by the speaker himself (of which I was hoping for seeing how he was giving them to others in attendance), but through a gentleman on his ministry team. Shaun Smith had asked for a raise of hands for people who were experiencing different things in their lives and prayed over them. Then a worship song ensued. I just happened to be raising my hands in worship when two or three people from the ministry team walked over, placed their hands on me, and prayed. One of the gentleman struck up a conversation with me and I shared with him what I was feeling. Events of the past few months, years maybe, had been weighing heavily on me. He then began to share with me a picture God had given him as I spoke.
He spoke of seeing a racehorse behind the starting gate, who was raring to go (The fact that he used a horse excited me as I just happen to love horses in general). He then went on to explain that God was up to something (This part REALLY excited me as for months I too felt as though God was up to something. At least, that is how I chose to look at it). I wish I could remember ALL he said to me as I am sure there was more. But my mind was stuck on the "God is up to something" part of his prophetic word.

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