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Friday, November 06, 2009

Kindergarten/ 1st Graders

This past Friday was a looong day for me, but so TOTALLY worth it! I spent the first part of my day with the usual preschoolers, sadly half of them were out sick :( but we had one preschooler who was having a VERY bad day, so unfortunately he made up for it! lol!)
It was also my first day as an aide for a kindergarten/first grade class, and I LOVED it!!! The teacher, Mrs. Ferris, and I got along very well (thank you Lord!). We talked a lot, me sharing how I got into teaching in the first place (haha God!), abotu individual children in her class. WE even had a few similarities in how we got into the field.
Its assessment time at Gage Elementary, and parent/teacher conferences are starting next week. I have been helping in the area of assessment, pulling students aside one by one and testing their reading and science abilities. And to tell you the truth it is an incredible learning experience for me. I tried hard not to help the students as it was testing what they knew,, boy was it HARD! I wanted to give them pointers, tips, hints,answers--- anything to make it easier for them. We discuss my time with the children at the end of the two hours and I am learning a lot.
The children were extremely helpful too, offering help if and when I needed it because I was new in their class. And I think they love the fact that someone new IS IN their class. A touching moment happened today when I was outside with my preschoolers. I was interacting with one of them adn the preschool teacher caught my atttention with "Hey Tryna, I think you have a following!" I looked over as a large group of the kindergarten/1st grade class was yelling my name, trying to get my attention and say "Hi!" And it's only my second day in that class!!!

GO GOD!!!!

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