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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I think it Has God Written All Over it.

I know I posted this once already, but I realized I had left out a few details, so the original post might have been a bit confusing to some, if not all.

The past three years I have had PC&D's song 'Rollercoaster Ride of Life' in my mind. The title literally describes how life has been in that time.
I thought I had the job of my dreams just six months graduated from my second college degree. My very first day and a co-worker has an allergy attack to servicedog Alehe and is rushed to the ER(she does not take meds for it). I then started leaving Alehe at home while I went to work (she protested by eating ALL the popcorn off my Christmas tree that my roomies had spent three hours stringing and putting up. She had it down in lesst than two). Weeks later and I am in the ER myself with a nasty staph infection in my lower right leg. In the meantime I am searching for another job. Six months after my first staph infection...it hits again - same leg, but we catch it early. Same heavy medication through an IV instead of the nasty PICC line the threaded through my upper arm to my heaert (yeah, I nearly jumped off the table, it HURT!) Meanwhile I am still searching for work teaching young ones. Because I have a disabiltiy anbd use a wheelchair and because I have a servicedog that acompanies me everywhere I go......I am receiving every lame@ss (pardon me) excuse in the book as to why I am not hired.

God is up to something. It's what I have been hearing for months now. When I started going to church on Saturday nights it was because Sunday mornings I would hopefully be teaching Sunday school here pretty soon, and I have been now since November. The theme for our Saturday night service - "New Beginnings". Was God trying to tell me something?
Never did I think it would include my moving back to Southern California. I swore I would never leave..okay, wait. There are A LOT of things I swore I would never do...leaving California in the first place, teaching, teaching preschool. SHUTTING UP NOW!!! Lesson learned.
A few months ago I went to an outreach a friend of mine helped put together. She knew of a budding Christian artist and invited he and his band to come play, along with a few other budding singer/songwriters. His name is Richard Andrew. I enjoyed his music, though none of his songs spoke to me really. At one point he caught me grooving to one of his tunes (I didnt even know I was doing it!). I had been leaving short messages on his MS page about how much I loved his music. He left a message on mine one day about being thankful for newfound friendships. Then he gets a FB page and of course I had to add him. I am on FB much more than MS anyway. I shared with him one day about my pending move to CA and what I was feeling. He responded with---

Tryna... so sorry to hear about the many struggles you're facing with the pending move back to So. Cal. Sometimes the most difficult decisions are in perfect sync with God's will and plan, so be on the lookout for HIS work in the midst of this season of change you're facing. You will be in my prayers sis. When you get to So Cal be sure to let me know...that's my homebase. We'll hook up and see if the Lord might use me or someone I know to help with your transition (perhaps a job?) No matter what happens, Montana or California, my prayers are will you, and I'm here. "Help is on the way!" ~RA

His last line to me was a portion of lyrics to one of his somngs I listened to on his YouTube page and just happeened to put in a message to him about what spoke to me in that song. Since the decision was made that Iwould be moving back to California, NOW his songs are hitting me like they weren't before. A LOT of them! He wrote in his note about the possibility of God using him when I get there, i think God is already using him. And i hope/pray God keeps on using him.
When I first heard I was being moved back to Cali, I was distraught, trying to figure out where God was in this whole mess. I believed He had the power to change the situation. Instead of changing the situation, I believe He is changing ME! I am actually excited about starting a "New Beginning" so to speak. (Quick, somebody take my temperature!!) I didn't want to pray for peace about moving if that was His will. But again, I did it because I felt He was asking me to.
Growing up I had a dream of living in a beautiful, spacious place such as Montana. I saw my moving here fifteen years ago as a step toward that dream. We lived in Corvallis Montana on forty acres with horses, dogs, chickens, cattle (they weren't exactly ours but we rented to the owner who eventually gave us one calf in exchange for rent. THE first calf born on our property. Dad named him Norman....until we found out later it was a girl. Then it beame Norma, who eventually bore us a Norman). I said at one point if I never got that again it would be okay (I think I might of fibbed just a bit). I've been giving it to God, He can do with it what He wants.
A couple of nights ago I had an interesting dream. Now, lately I have been forgetting my dreams as soon as I wake. What I do remember never makes sense(stress dreams from what I've heard from a friend). I gave it to God. Anyway, this particular dream I COULD remember. And it was sweet! I remember receiving a gift from my parents (I think, its the only part I can't remember). It was a greenish blue butterfly clock to hang above the fireplace mantle, Only it was in large sections. When I awoke from the dream I had part of a song running through my head---
In Your time, in Your time
You make all things beautiful
In Your time....

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