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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Since Surgery

Eeghad when will I learn to spell-check before I post!? HaHa

My last two appointments the doc has asked me if it was worth it all in the end. My answer - "Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse!" lol! That's usually when the tube gets pulled (OWIE!!!!) or the blasted thing gets disconnected from the bag (grrrr!) But yes, it has definitely caused me to be a bit more independent and I have more time in my day for things I enjoy. (Not to mention a slight boost in self-esteem)

Post op appointments have been great though. The healing process is going as expected. The last appointment things were supposed to be changed, but the doc said we could wait another month. They swore me off of Tylenol saying it was bad for my liver, and instead said to take Ibuprofen. Ohmygoodness! :D Way better! I was taking three Tylenol at a time, sometimes a couple of times a day because two were doing nothing for me. I can take two Ibuprofen and be fine the rest of the day. Very rarely do I have to take more than that. The first time I took it and I was thinking I may have taken too much because I just felt TOO good! But now I have not had pain in weeks and now just use the Ibuprofen when I have a headache. (and that's a WHOLE other ballgame!)

I am back at our ladies Bible Study faster than expected. In fact, I think I only missed one study since surgery. The leader as well as those at our table were quite surprised to see me so soon.

I am also back at Gage Elementary as a teachers aide once again. Which is great because the downtime was leaving me emotionally drained. My first day back was so totally awesome. I come wheeling into the classroom where you could hear 25 second graders *GASP* with excitement when they turned and saw Alehe and I. And when I called them back one by one to do some reading assessment with me you could hear them exclaim as they headed my way, "YES!". I SO love my volunteer job!

Speaking of job, my dad said something cool to me just the other day. He picked me up one afternoon and says to me something like " you know, you DO have a job. It's just that you're getting paid by the government (meaning my SSI).

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