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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Indian Hills Camp

On my way to church one difficult morning, I prayed that the Lord might do something to perk me up. I only half-expected to hear an answer, let's just say I wasn't optimistic at all. Our class time was good, though after a rough week, I really wasn't all there mentally nor emotionally.
At the end of our class time together (whew! I couldn't wait to be done), our director hands out a flyer, and explains the information presented on it. Indian Hills Camp is holding its first ever camp for children with special needs. Ooooo, okay, interest peaked! Oh, but woudl mom and dad go for it? After all, it was a weekend overnighter. I needed help with morning and evening routines. We talked about it in the car, and she seemd pretty optimistic =D. ALRIGHT!!!!
A weekend-long event at Indian Hills camp with at least four other churches, each having children with special needs (autism, downs syndrome, developmental challenges, learning disabilties, Williams Syndrome, PDD, Fragile X, Asperger Syndrome).

Teaching them to embrace life with Jesus
Helping them recognize the value of their uniqueness,
Telling them that they are Christ's special creation.

Games, petting zoo, swimming, singing, zipline, biblestories, campfire. Ohmygoodness, is it August yet?!

Accessibility might be an issue in some areas, but who knows. Ive been known to get my chair in some crazy places, LOL!

I have been praying about this opportunity since I first heard. It's only a weekend, but could something further become of this? It's in God's hands at this point.

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