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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Poignant and Powerful

Today's Preschool Sunday school lesson did not go as planned,  but after today's message from our Pastor in the adult service, I was somewhat okay with that.
     It mostly had to do with worship

Three crafts and a Bible story to tie it all together.  That is what we are supposed to do.  I have to learn that it is okay if we do not get through all of them. What is most important is building relationship with children, because that is what Jesus would want to do. 

I was excited about one craft, making a dough from flour, water and salt, and forming it into a heart to hang from a string around our necks.   I did that very firs thing so that we could set it aside to dry/harden while we did two other crafts.  I made way too much.  The lesson book had a recipe that was for more that one child.  I made a sandwich bag full for EACH child.  I misunderstood....apparently.  I guess we could have made little hearts for each child out of that one recipe. I don't know what I was thinking.  Well, it took up all of our time for the other two crafts ..... I let it get to me. I left class frustrated. 

My mind still spinning, I went into service. the pastors wife passed by me greeting me and I shared a bit of my frustration.  "Sometimes that happens", was her reply. then, today's message. 

But the comfort came not so much from today's sermon, but from worship. 

"I'm coming back to the heart of worship, when it's all about You, it's all about You Jesus. I'm sorry Lord for the thing I've made it, when it's all about You, it's all about You Jesus."
God's way of telling me...., "Tryna, stop trying to be a perfectionist, and just , breathe. It's not about You, but ME

Ha! What is the next song?

MWS "Breathe"
 ~ This is the air I breathe, Your Holy Presence living in me." 
His reminding me He is 'El Roi', the God who sees" and He understands

Next up was a video about inviting unchurched people to church. One line stood out to me .....

"It may go as planned, it may not"

Me,  Ms. Perfectionist

Next up, these words in a song called, "The Stand", by Hillsong united
You stood before my failure
And carried the cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon your shoulders
My soul now to stand

So what could I say?
And what could I do?
But offer this heart, Oh God
Completely to you
I'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the one who gave it all
I'll stand
My soul Lord to you surrendered
All I am is yours 

 MESSAGE (what stood out to me) Matthew 13:31-32 ; Matthew 20 ;  Eph. 4: Philippians 2.

Sower = God
Seed = His Word
Ground = My <3 br="" nbsp="">Tares = Sin

Matthew 13:31-32
Believe = Trust

The small seed , may be small, but it can grow to do great things

The kingdom of God is not normal
     not based on pride, prestige, dominance,

Matthew 20

Ephesians 4

***The mustard seed signifies small beginnings
This is where I felt His Spirit speaking directly to me " Leave the outcome in God's hands"

Ending the service with  "In My Life Lord, Be Glorified today"
and another song (I forget which) with the line, "He took my sorrows and made them His own". 

........And whatever crafts we did not get to in today's lesson, my helper said we can go ahead and do those next week.