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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wacky Web Tales (50th Anniversary of MadLibs)

Pet Show
While I was wagging to the bus after school, I saw a poster announcing that a pet show would be held the next day in Montana. I was so witty! I couldn't wait to enter my pet horse, don Johnson, in the show.
The next morning at the pet show, don Johnson balanced a big doctor on his nose. Then he cheated around three plastic pencils. Suddenly, a big platypus bumped into don Johnson. He shot 7 feet in the air. The judge made a terrible face when he saw what happened, so I didn't think don Johnson would win. Imagine my surprise when he won the number 4 prize! I was happy to have a great horse like don Johnson."0

Ahhh, Madlibs. I remember these when I was a kid. I loved doing these, although I had a hard time with parts of speech back then...still do to some degree. I would do a few at a time, and I would crack up laughing when I read the story that came of it.

Ahh Memories.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Me, Missions?

God is up to something --- still.

So, lately I haven't been able to find work, volunteer or otherwise. Yes, even HS called to tell me they have plenty of volunteers so there are no openings. It has discouraged me to the point where I wasn't even sure I was supposed to be in Montana any longer.

Surely with all that has happened the past six months, God has to be up to something. I still wish He would tell me! Apparently God gets a kick out of giving us partial details, pure torture!

So it was recently the start of a new semester for UM students. A few weeks into it our XA group announced bible Studies. Ocean's Deep sounded like an excellent one and it was meeting at our house, however, it was at the same time I go to the YMCA to work out. That night, I received an invite to the Misssions bible study from La Roha. Weeks earlier, I had been thinking a lot about an opportunity I could have had had I not moved to Montana. That dream had been haunting me again, and I wasn't sure why. After years in school, I finally felt like Preschool was where I was supposed to be. Could God be leading me in a totally new direction, using the preschool experience to get me to this point? (It was on the radio program or somewnhere I learned that God could take away the very thing He gave me).

I just looked online at volunteer opportunites and ran across one for community Hospital. Singing or visiting patients with an anuimal (in this case, i wold bring Alehe). I'll check more into it on Wednesday as there is a career fair at the Hilton.

In other news, someone came up to me during prayer at Chi Alpha and said she felt like she was to pray for Alehe. Her comment to me was, "You'll have her for a long time".


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