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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Friday, November 27, 2009

Deep Fried Turkey!

It was my first Thanksgiving with extended family in fifteen years, I was excited! Even more so Thanksgiving day. I couldn't wait to spend time with family. I was stuffed to the gills with lamb, mashed potatoes, Christmas salad (family tradition, yes, done at Christmas too), gumbo (My aunt and uncle lived in Louisiana for a while), green beans (bleh)... I'm sure I am forgetting something. I even went back for seconds - did I REALLY need to? HAHA (no), and yet STILL had a slice of pecan pie AND chiffon pumpkin pie! (oofdah!) Afterward we drew names for Christmas. In times past we have drawn names and bought a gift just for that person, this year and in years past we have exchanged Christmas ornaments. I am painting mine for my person this year. :)

The next day 2nd cousin Otis invited friends to his family's house for a Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Sadly, none of his friends showed. He did invite his aunt and three-year-old cousin from is dads side who did make it. He had fashioned a deep fryer from an old outdoor heater. Forty-five minutes and we had deep fried turkey! YUM!!!!
Deep fried turkey, amazing!!!!! We stuffed ourselves yet again. And then snacked on leftovers all day.

Friday night cousins Tracy and Jim and I went to and outdoor ampitheatre @ Viejas casino to watch "Legend of the Ice Princess"
It was about a young fairy princess named Crystal who has magical powers bringing winter to the holiday season. Pyrotechnics, choreographed fountains, lasers, lights and special effects brought this story to life. It was good, although I thought it to be geared more toward younger audiences. Although, the last line in teh story stuck out to me which was
~ "Believe in yourself, and hold onto your dreams"

Afterward, we went nearby to teh iceskating rink and sat watching the three boys was rather entertaining. I know my cousin Tracy was laughing at 'em. I had a great time just watching them and knowing they were having a great time. I forgot how cold Alpine can be! Felt a little like Montana. Just a little.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sermon - A Simple Thanksgiving

Dr. David Jeremiah – Shadow Mountain Community Church

Everything in my life is filtered through the loving hands of God
Humbled…or hardened?
Beauty in the simplest elements of life
When it’s dark enough, you see the stars
Consistency of God’s blessings dulls our attitude
2 Corinthians 11 – Apostle Paul, great teacher of gratitude
Giving thanks for our FAITH
2Cor. 9:15 – spontaneous praise; Ephesians 1:3
I know Jesus, therefore I am rich
The greatest thing God can do, bring me to Himself
Giving thanks for our FAMILY
2Timothy 1: 3, 5
One day you may wake up and realize the things you so desperately wanted are the things in which you already have
Giving thanks for your FRIENDS
Paul’s Epistles
Philippians 1:4 ; Romans 1:8 ; Ephesians 1:15, 16 ; Colossians 12:3, 4 ; 2Timothy 1:3 ; 1 Corinthians 1:4 ; Phil. 1:3 ; 1Thess. 1:2 ; 2Thess. 1:3
Giving thanks for our FINANCES
Phil. 4:10, 19 – 20 ; Psalm 68:19 ; Psalm 107:21 – 22
What is your perspective? (Book: Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less)
Giving thanks for our FUTURE
Col. 1:12 – 13
I have an incredible future; the BEST is yet to come!
Loss and pain open the door to gratitude

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Kindergarten/ 1st Graders

This past Friday was a looong day for me, but so TOTALLY worth it! I spent the first part of my day with the usual preschoolers, sadly half of them were out sick :( but we had one preschooler who was having a VERY bad day, so unfortunately he made up for it! lol!)
It was also my first day as an aide for a kindergarten/first grade class, and I LOVED it!!! The teacher, Mrs. Ferris, and I got along very well (thank you Lord!). We talked a lot, me sharing how I got into teaching in the first place (haha God!), abotu individual children in her class. WE even had a few similarities in how we got into the field.
Its assessment time at Gage Elementary, and parent/teacher conferences are starting next week. I have been helping in the area of assessment, pulling students aside one by one and testing their reading and science abilities. And to tell you the truth it is an incredible learning experience for me. I tried hard not to help the students as it was testing what they knew,, boy was it HARD! I wanted to give them pointers, tips, hints,answers--- anything to make it easier for them. We discuss my time with the children at the end of the two hours and I am learning a lot.
The children were extremely helpful too, offering help if and when I needed it because I was new in their class. And I think they love the fact that someone new IS IN their class. A touching moment happened today when I was outside with my preschoolers. I was interacting with one of them adn the preschool teacher caught my atttention with "Hey Tryna, I think you have a following!" I looked over as a large group of the kindergarten/1st grade class was yelling my name, trying to get my attention and say "Hi!" And it's only my second day in that class!!!

GO GOD!!!!

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