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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Saturday, July 29, 2006

And So We Wait

I turned in an application to Head Start Friday. I arrived at the building and had to go around back to a lift that would get me to the second floor. The door was locked. When picking up the application, there was a woman coming down the stairs who assisted me with the lift. This time, since I took a cab (last minute trip or I would have taken the bus) the driver was kind enough to assist me. I never thought of mailing in my application, but this way I get the experience. I just happened tto look on the application at the phone number and called for assistance. The woman on the line said someone was on their way. A gentleman came around back to unlock the door, just as another man came down the steps to assist me. We didnt need the lift after all as he could take my application right there. Sweet. When he said his name was Scot I was thrilled (yes, only one "t"). It turns out, I sent him an e-mail back in December inquiring about any available teaching positions. At the time, he said there were none, but I could send in my resume and he would take a look at it, keeping it on file when things did come available. I never turned it in as things became suddenly very busy.
But now I have it in and I am anxiously awaiting a phone call for an interview. I asked how soon to expect a phonecall and he said sometime the middle of August as the deadline for apps is not until August second.
So I wait...and wait...and wait...and..

Dear God Help Me Now!

In the meantime, interview practice is on Monday


Monday, July 24, 2006

Could This Be?

I picked up a job application today from none other than Head Start, my ideal job placement ( I was a Head Start-er as a child) Shortly after I started teaching preschool, I got this idea in my head that Working at HS would be cool. Not only would I get the opportunity to work with preschoolers with disabilties, but me being a product of the Head Start program could be great encouragement for families.

I picked up the job application and toured the facility today. They had signs everywhere indicating access for wheelchairs but it took a second or two to find. Once I did, it was locked. Luckily, a woman was coming down the outside stairs from the second story and directed me to where I needed to go. I told her I was here to pick up an application. What was the door to get in was actually a wheelchair lift to get one to the second floor or basement. No big deal as I had operated one of these before when I attended the AG church in Hamilton (granted I got stuck a few times). I even had a tour of the facility. Not much space for wheelchairs, but I have been in tighter places. The part that bummed me out was the playground ground covering. Very little space that I could be involved in their play. I wonder how that will work.

Looking over the two pages that listed the responsibilities and explanation, I became excited. Although there would be some I couldn't do because of my wheelchair, I was familiar with most of the responsibilities as I had done some of the same in internships. I would even be helping develop and imjplement lesson plans. SWEET! There would also be mandatory meetings and conferences I would have to attend.

I have been blessed to know a few ladies at church (although I feel like an idiot for only remembering one name). Each time I come into church they have stopped me to chat and see how things are going (Okay, so it's mostly the dog LOL, but they enjoy me too). One of the ladies has even begun to pray for me regarding work, bless her heart. She asks me every week if I have found anything yet. She even prays specifically for me to find a Head Start position.

Could this be? It seems so early in my search! I'm still praying!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

So I called about two jobs today, both were advertised in the paper. The only problem was they were daycare positions and not preschool, but I thought it would give me a bit of practice to at least inquire about the two positions. One was a no-go after I called as it was not conducive for a wheelchair. The other one, someone will call me back either tonight or tomorrow. I'm not that excited about either of them really. I'll meet with Job Services again Tuesday and once a week until I get a position somewhere. I gave them a copy of my resume and my transcript to look over.

In other news, one of our trees in the backyard was cut down today. Parts of it were dead, and it was making a mess in our neighbor's rain gutter. It looks weird not having a tree there, after it had been there for so long. The squirrels are not going to know what to do anymore. There were two squirrels that often fought in that tree.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It Has Begun

Job search time. Officially that is. I know, I have been looking for a few months now, but I met with Vocational Rehabilitation a few weeks ago and we met again days later to get aquainted with job placement services. I decided to go this route because, frankly, I am having virtually no luck finding anything on my own. And I could probably use the extra help landing the job.

Looking in the papers a few months ago, there were a few positions available for teaching preschool. I didnt jump on them as I was still finishing up an internship and the thought of finding a job when I have a few months to weeks finishing college, job hunts just seemed to stress me beyond what I was already stressed. At least it gave me the confidence that jobs in my field were out there.

The UM career site nor any other online career site did nothing but give me outrageous positions w a-a-ay out of my league in which I had absolutely no interest nor qualification! I quit looking there. As of yet, I do not have the desire to look for anything outside of Missoula OR Montana.

As much as I want to jump right into full-time teaching, as my love for preschoolers makes me lomg to be with them as much as I can, I have decided to do the smart thing by starting in a part-time position, maybe even as an aide, and work my way up - to see how much I can really handle at once. After all, I would hate to start full-time and realize too late that I am not physically up for the challenge.

I met three people who work with three different job agencies, each one representing the agencies they work for. All three agencies seemed good to me, however, what stood out to me were the two young women that came representing J.O.B.S., Job Opportunity Based Services. From the get-go, they seemed most enthusiastic telling me about their services and how I could benefit. They seemed to offer a lot more, even working with me every step of the way, and will stick with me until two months after being hired. She assured me that jobs were indeed out there, and that she could even find me jobs that were not even advertised anywhere as of yet.

My first official meeting with J.O.B.S. is tomorrow and I am rather excited. I will meet with them once a week untl I...uh we, find a position for me. In the meantime, I am suffering from major withdrawls for not having hung around preschoolers for almost two months.

I need my kid fix!!!