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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Job Search - Round 2

I have submitted two more resume's to preschool/daycare facilities. In fact, each of the facilities does both. This afternoon, I will have made phonecalls to a few more places, some daycare, some preschool, some a bit of both.
The Fort Courage Childcare (and preschool) facility was fully wheelchair accessible and the facility looked practically brand new. It really made me want to come back. As I was picking up the application, I heard the children in the background and had said to the woman at the front desk, "Oh how I miss that sound!"
I then dropped off the application for the YMCA after the one to Fort Courage. Along with dropping off the resume', I also picked up a packet to fill out for use of their fitess center. OF course, working with preschoolers, that may be all the gym workout I need! HA!

Update: So I made phonecalls to three more places. What is it with no wheelchair acessibility? Makes me pray I get the Fort Courage job. The last place I called was already filled. Rats!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can We Say "Awkward"?

So last night was my first XA meeting no longer as a student. I didnt expect it would be any different from the Chi Alpha meetings before. Ha, can we say AWKWARD? I dunno why I felt this way. In fact, I tried to rebuke those feelings. Nothing about last night felt awkward until the latter half of the evening.
Scott's message was mostly about idols; indulgence idols and imitative idols. But one question he asked us I sent it up as a silent prayer. "God, what is the journey you desire to take me on this year?" Last year was absolutely fantabulous, what with the Daughters Retreat, Fall retreat, and our Captivating bible study. Could He top that this year?
So I rode home in a campus police car. no, nothing I did, honest. But with my lousy vision at night and wanting to keep myself safe after hearing of wacko's on campus and around the neighborhood the past few years...Anyway, I usually wheel myself home with two (usually a guy and a girl) students working with campus security. Last night a campus police car had pulled up outside our meeting hall and I just sat there assuming he was waiting for someone else. No, he walked over to me, and I must have had a confused look on my face. I forgot to ask whhy they did it this way instead of what I am used to. I also forgot to ask why the back seat was a hard plastic instead of a normal one. Poor Alehe was in back, "slip sliding away" every time we turned. When I got in the car he asked me "so, first time in a cop car?" Thankfully yes.

Talk about an all-out awkward evening.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Adventures in Cooking I - Sick of the Microwave

Okay, so I am finding outI love to cook (except when I am hungry, then I find the quickest thing possible to make). I am just getting sick of putting things in the microwave. This past week, I spent a small amount of my grad money and went to buy a crock-pot from Wal Mart. The smallest one they had was I think three-meal sized. but no, I decided against that one, and bought the five meal deal. A bit more expensive (I think I only spent around thirty bucks) , but at least I can make enough meals to last a few days.

This whole thing with cooking has been quite the learning experience for me. Actually, the mishaps have been a bit on the comical side.
Learning Experience #1: I had just bought a Calzone Momma Zula's Pizza in the Country store on the UM campus. I lived in Pantzer Hall at the time and so wehn I got back to my room, popped it into the microwave to heat it up a bit more. Bad idea. I did not think anything of the foil wrapper it was in and within seconds heard what sounded like an inferno in my microwave. It happened so fast there was not enough smoke to set off the smoke alarm. Whew!
Learning Experience #2: I tried to cook a bowl of rice in the micrwave. I thouight a plastic bowl would work fine. When the microwave went off, I opened the door and pulled the bowl out, only for the bottom of the bowl (filled with mega-burnt rice) stayed in the microwave and the rest was in my hand.
Learning Experience #3: It was New Year's Eve 2000 and I had my best friend over at my parents when visiting mom and dad for the holidays. I made grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove. In the midst of all that...I set off the smoke alarm. Here's me flinging open every door in the house I could think of, and my best friend is wsaving a towel underneath the smoke alarm to get it to shut up. Meanwhile, the four dogs are having a cow! The sandwiches were a bit on the dark side, but not too bad.
Learning experience #4: I am too short when it comes to looking into any type of cooking appliance not waist level. Making rosette's I(deep fat ried cookies doused with colored sugar)one year for Christmas, I peeked over the deep fryer. I brushed my cheeck against it and OW! That hurt! Burn mark on my face. Oh brother!

J9 has basically banned me from ever using the oven, OR the stove. Food comes out fine there, seems I keep burning myself. Whilst trying to pour hot water into a ramen cup I think it was, the water accidentally ran down my arm. A slight burn on the forearm, and ruined my favorite sweater. Burnt a hole in the elbow.

I need to find me a man that can cook!

Rael and I put together a roast, potatoes and carrots, adding a few spices here and there, some beef bouillon and I cant remember what else. This time Rael hurt herself in the process, cutting her finger on the knife. She said it bled like crazy. I helped cut the potatoes, surprised I didn't cut myself.
how the meal turned out - scrumdiddlyumtious

Now about the counters in my kitchen... (stay tuned for that one)

More cooking endeavors coming soon I'm sure!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jeremy Camp with Special Guest Goofyfooted

Jeremy Camp Live in ConcertTuesday, August 8, 2006 7:30 p.m.Opening with local spirit rock group Goofyfooted Sponsored by: The Garden of Read'n & SHEC (South Hills Evangelical Church)

The concert was held at the Grandstands of the Western Montana Fairgrounds at seven thirty, and lasted three hours. At first I wasn't sure what seating would be like, wether we were sitting in the grandstands (of which I can hardly see a thing because of a chain link fence that hinders a perfect view of the action on the other side). It turned out to be perfect seating, not quite front row (which my ears thanked me as it was loud from where I sat) but a perfect enough view where I could see both musicians just fine. Of course this was after I had to move because everyone stood where I was seated, so I and my friend Christy Mangals sat at the edge of the crowd. It was great as the ushers brough a chair for her and another woman who was with someone in a wheelchair.

I was a big fan of Jeremy Camp before the concert ( I am attracted to his voice wa-a-a-y more than his looks, although he is not bad looking. Actually better looking in person than his CD cover pics. ) After all I have two or three of his CD's. After the concert experience, I am an even bigger fan than what I was before. It was the way he interacted with the crowd, and shared from his heart things that God was doing, even encouraging the audience with words from scripture. He even invited a young man up on stage with him for a playful wrestling match.

I think what attracts me to his music is the fact that a great majority of his songs seem to be prayer-like. Almost a longing for God to make him better. I had my hands raised to Heaven through most of songs.
Afterward, I went to the souvenir table and bought two CD's and a t-shirt (of which I am wearing today) , both of Goofyfooted. I have two CD's of Jeremy Camp already.

Definately well worth the fifteen bucks it cost for admission.

Goofyfooted is a term originated as a surfing expression & found its way to
skateboarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding, and all board-sports. The term
refers to a rider's foot position. There are two basic foot positions: “regular”
in which the left foot is forward; or “goofy” in which the right foot is
forward, all relative to the front of the board. While the vast majority of
riders position "regular," a few go against the grain and go goofyfooted! In the end, Jesus rode his board nailed goofyfooted to a cross giving us freedom to ride for eternity. Having a relationship with Jesus means going against the flow of the world. so choose the best ride you'll ever experience in this life and
the next... go goofyfooted!


Head Start --- The Interview (Updated)

So I planned for transportation to come get me after an hour. The interview took fifteen to twenty minutes max.
To those who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers the past couple of days a huge Thank You. The interview went very well. I met one gentleman outside near the lift to get to the third floor where the interview was. I had to ride up two lifts, both identical to the lift I had to ride to the sanctuary at Hamilton Assembly of God. My job coach and one other man made sure I got in and out of them okay.
When I wheeled into the room where the interview was to take place, I was startled by six other people sitting at the table (they apologized for not warning me ahead of time). Each person asked me at least two questions. I could not believe I wasn't nervous, that is just not like me.
It doesn't sound like I would be working at that particullar building, but at another here in town. They had openings for part and full time employees in different parts of town.
I had a feeling working at head Start would consitute me as having coverage for medical, dental, so on and so forth. As far as pay, roughly around what I am getting now. I'd be making around 9 bucks an hour.

Most of the job description contained stuff I had done in other internships. Plus there is a lot of added responsibility, none overwhelming at this time

If I get it, the last week of August is when I would start.
I would have to participate in meetings with teachers and parents. I am looking forward to that.

UPDATE: He called me back today and left a message on my phone as I was on the other line. I didnt expect a call so soon. I didn't get the job. :(

At least I now have the experience of going after a job and sitting through an interview, and know tha I worked for it and that it was not just handed to me. Thanks mom for that encouragement.


Friday, August 04, 2006

I've Got an INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!

I was told when I turned in my application that it would be two or three weeks before they would be conducting any interviews. It had only been a week when I received a call before 1pm today. I was in the kitchen listening to the radio when I suddenly realized my cellphone was ringing. By the time I got my hand on the phone, it went to my voicemail. I immediately called back and had to leave a message. I then called J.O.B.S (the job placement agency I have been working with) to let them know and in the middle of it get a call back from Head Start. I now have an interview scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday the 8th of August. I will go to J.O.B.S. on Monday and take careof any last minute business and get prepared for the next day.

Oh I am shaking so bad right now. Excitement, nerves, all the above.

I called my parents to tell them the news and my dad answered the phone. I forgot my mother was in La Costa working at a tennis tournament. I talked to my dad for a few minutes and told him I had my first interview, and that it was with Head Start. "Well, could it be that I have been praying for you?" My bottom jaw fell. In all my thirty some odd years I have never heard him say those words. I told him "thankyou" before he sakd he had to go , he was in the middle of work and it was important. When I talked to my mother later she even said he has been watching nothing but Christian Television. For some reason, reading has been hard for him.

It's been a great day so far