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In His Strength

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Condo!

One week before this past Thanksgiving I was blessed to be able to move into a condominium (=thanks to my aunt and my parents =). We had been looking since it was decided I was moving back to So. Cal., and whilst unfortunately I did not find one in the same complex as my best friend (:'() (believe me, I tried), I did manage to find one relatively close.

The Remington (reminds me of a stuffed bear I had as a kid with the same name). I prayed for and low and behold got a tennis court, weightroom and swimming pool/hot tub. (Now if it would just warm up so that I could actually USE the pool! I can see it from my livingroom window, and its beckoning!)

The community college is relatively close to the condo, so we advertised for a PCA through the college. A few people were interviewed and found a young gal that I really liked as a live-in. We get along great, and have had fun together. There is a Denney's down the road and we've gone out to eat a few times. Sometimes just the two of us, or on occasion with her fiance' and his friend (we are a riot!). If for any reason I ever needed a back-up, there is another young gal who lives in the same complex who is willing to help when needed. There is even an RN who lives outside the complex but still close enough she could help out if need be. (thank You Lord!)

It's been great so far, the gal I hired as a live-in is also into horses, has a 2 year-old Jack Russel/Blue Heeler mix (named Miley), and goes to church near-by. Miley and Alehe tolerate eachother. On a very rare occasion you can catch them playing.

Lawn maintenance is going to love me - Ah yes, I have managed to tear up the grass with the powerchair on a few occassions now. I had to call home for assistance in getting me out those times too. It had rained, and the ground was extremely soft because of the rain. I did ge to meet a few of our neighbors, however, it was SO nto the way I wanted to be introduced, having to be rescued from the clutches of a soggy wet/muddy lawn. *SIGH*

Come visit me sometime! (pretty please!?)

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