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I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength --- Philippians 4:13

Friday, October 23, 2009

Focus on the Family and Veggietales creator Phil Vischer - When Dreams Die

Phil Visher
creator of Veggie Tales
(I am almost 35 and yes, I listen to VT, lolololol!!!)
Phil came face to face with the death of a dream, even after a wave of success
Noticed at a very early age God had given him the ability to tell stories
Made his first film at age eight
knew at 14that would be the work he would do for Christ,
three semesters of Bible college and dropped out, never made it to film school
computer animation
Talking vegetables that loved God
"God was using our efforts"***

people couldnt get along
sales stopped growing
everything he had built falling apart, lay-offs
dream that ended too soon
"I think this is about God and Phil"
Bible conference in Florida
Tape - sermon Rick Porter
"What does it mean when God gives you a dream, shows up in it, and it comes to life, without warning the dream dies?"

2 Kings 4 - Shunamite woman
holding the dream God gave her, dead in her arms
God wants to see what is more inportant to you, the dream...or Him.
Let go of your dreams
anything I am unwilling to let go of is an idol and I am in sin
Rather than finding my identity in my relationship with God I was finding it in my intense drive to do good work

wait on God
read the Bible and pray - no agenda
it took a few months
sense of giving up, his ambition dying, his will, hopes, dreams, life
God could have spared him from all this, but He didn't
It was about God and him; ambition, dreams, misplaced sense of identity and values, on the altar
Let everything go and rest in Him (he didn't want to write ...I didnt want to be the main pre-k teacher)
and then one night....ideas
Each one was derived from or during a time of waiting on God
Discovered once all the noise had faded away what he'd been missing all along
the impact God has planned for us does not occur wehn we are pursuing impact, but pursuing God.
"As the deer pants for the water so my soul pants for You oh God".
The most important thing I can do for God is not the work I can do for God, the most important thing is to make God the most important thing.
Start over....start on your knees.
In utter broken humility, holding everything loosely except God Himself

Do you dream of the work you can do for God (I do)
Do you carry ambitions for changing the world in His name
When you are ready to put them on the altar, to kill them, to let them go, to live your whole life without them resting solely in your relationship with God, you are ready to be used by Him.

God allows us to come to a place of complete brokenness where there is no end in sight, we cannot fix things...and then somehow He rebuilds us stronger and better, all for His glory.
He didn't know how, when or even IF God would use his gift again.
Humbly declare Gods sovereignty, right in the middle of the unknown.
Trust Him evven when you cannot see the solution

And now I think I'll go listen to VeggieTales

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Sunday, October 04, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I started attending a singles Bible Study @ Skyline church. My cousin encouraged me to attend (she was thinking dating purposes, me just getting to know people in the church and hopefully close to my age). Anyway, the church bulletin gave the description that it ws going to be on 'When to say yes, When to say no'. Not sure wshat to think, but okay. I get there and it is 'Boundaries in Dating'. Great. "Okay God, I don't know what to think. I will stick with it and see where You lead". Little did I know I just played an excercise in faith.
I was getting some stuff from this study, however, weeks into it and I still was a bit uncomfortable. After all, the only date I had ever been on was a blidn date set up by two mutual friends. That night? Just plain awkward! The next couple of weeks, thoughts were flooding my mind.
Doe God truly have someone out there for me?
Why have I had to wait so long (its got me believing I am to remain single)
My desire - God given?
My disability and all it entails - afraid it scares them off.

Here's where it gets interesting...

The group decides that it is better to start at the first book in the 'Boundaries' series (it goes from everyday relationships...family, friends... on up to boundaries with children). Oh My GOODNESS!!! I am lovin it! I am getting so much MORE from this first book - Boundaries - 'When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life'
So far I am learning about breaking free from others control (how am I supppose to learn how to make decisions...even the RIGHT ones, when you are making them FOR me?!), seeking my own identity, and taking control of MY life. For quite a while now I havne't felt like I have had much if any control.

One week I was sitting in class thinking about the transition "okay, why the switch God?" I swear I heard His response in the back of my head say "It got you in here didnt it?" I almost burst out laughing right then and there!

But seriously, now the hardest part is talking to specific people about what I am learning, and praying they receive it well.

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