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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Home Recuperating

Anesthesiologist - "Your gonna feel pretty shitty afterward. Now, I can say this because it IS a medical term." My mout drops, in my thirty-some odd years of goign uunder the knife, I don't EVER remember a doctor using that kind of language. I had to laugh!

Before my surgery I refused to allow myself to get nervous. Yes, even after all these years going under the knife still gives me the jitters. Instead, I am singing 'None Compare' as I am being wheeled into the O.R. I guess I was more nervous about afterward...the outcome, and all that it woudl entail once its been done. After surgery - for some strange reason I came out singing 'Wave a Hand".

I came thru surgery with flying colors. Absolutely NO problems wiht my heart like i usually do (stupid tahycardia). But this time it went perfect. Coming home the next day looked prett promising. Friday after surgery I felt on top of the world. Haha, until Saturday afternoon.....my digestive system decided to shut down for a day and a half :( . Talk about bloated UGH! Somebody quick, stick me with a needle, I wanna POP! I don't even wanna eat. Which they say it was better I didnt if I did not feel hungry.

My cousin sends me a text asking how I was doing, and so I tell her what's going on. Her reply to me --- "maybe you need mexican food to get it going again" (We eat a lot of mexican food in this household).
(My reply to her ---"thats gotta be better than the crap they got here!" I wouldnt even touch one of the dinners it looked so bad!!!)
She texts me a reply again and Jim (her husband)says "Order a chimichanga and two rasp. ice teas" LOL! (a little inside joke)

You never get sleep while in the hospital. Why, every two hours the darn nurses came to make sure I turned on my side to avoid the possibility of pressure sores. ( a few times I told them to "leave me alone, I just got comfortable!" Some came in at 5 a.m. to take blood (LAME!) But they like to have the results on the doctors desks before they come into work a few hours later. How are we patients suppoed to heal with lack of sleep anyway?! Hmmmmmm?

I am now home. The first couple of days weren't bad. But this week has been borderline agonizing as the swelling goes down. I have been feelign a lot more pain this week. Trying to stay away from pain meds as the could aggravate the digestive issue I was having earlier. But extra strength Tylenol seems to be doing the trick just fine :D

In the meantime, I am sick of watching t.v., sick of reading, borderline sick of being on the computer.....and I WANNA be with my KIDDO's!!!! This recuperating thing is taking WAAAAAY to long!!!!!!

I see the doc on Monday. For post-op appointment.

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